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Thank Yooos Dr. Seuss

When I was a child
I was not allowed
To follow along with the reading crowd
But once in a while I'd get loose
And seek the rhymes of Dr. Seuss

I'd wish a private library
Of silly words and poetry
The thought provoking they induce
Those clever words of Dr. Seuss

A funny literary maze
A witty little turn of phrase
Not fairy tales and Mother Goose
Read me the lines of Dr. Seuss!

I've read other's along the way
And some are very good I'll say
But in all these years I've never found
A prose as unique as his sound
Try as we might we'll not reproduce
The splendid fun of Dr. Seuss

Even today I call on the past
Making childhood memories last
Though an adult and fully grown
I have a child of my own
We both enjoy cookies and moo cow juice
And the magical world of Dr. Seuss

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