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I Was Afraid of Doctors...Till I Met Dr. Seuss

I was afraid of doctors.
They made me turn all red.
They made me itch and get a rash
I scratched until I bled.

One day I found an old book
just lying in my yard.
I knew that I could read it...
I was six and it wasn't hard!

The book was filled with magic
and wondrous, crazy things.
It told about another world
where dogs could be the kings!

I looked at the front cover
to see who wrote this book
to my suprise.....it couldn't be!
I need a second look!

A doctor wrote this story! ?
I guess they're not all bad!
If he could think such silly things
then, surely I'll be glad.

I'll go to see the doctor...
I give you no excuse.
I only hope my doctor is
as fun as Dr. Seuss!

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