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The Guilty and the Stupid (Dr. Seuss explains the meltdown)

I may be stupid,
But they're guilty, '
Said the lady losing her home.
'The guilty guy, who sold me the mortgage,
One day shall atone! '

Yes, the stupid lady was greedy,
But the guilty guy was greedy too,
And you may ask politely,
What's that got to do with you?

We live in a world of flawed human beings,
Coils of a money machine's broken spring,
Due to their flawed sense of entitlement,
These coils expected something for nothing.

The banker had a crooked smile;
The S.E.C looked the other way.
Smoke and mirrors called C.D.Os
Were frauds rated AAA.

The ripple effect around the globe
Washed out banks and mutual funds.
As insurance companies began to explode,
Losers started grabbing their guns.

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