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Passion for children about "poetry of Dr.Seuss"

I love looking at children playing, thinking, drawing... doing anything really then I'd particularly like to study child psychology. The growth of children depends much on educational environment. We must always try to do good to kids. With Poetry by Dr Seuss, it is the best entertainment place for children. Dewey advanced the theory that children learn best when they have an active part in planning their own activities. Three famous poems for children of  Doctor
, You should see it:

#1: The Cat In The Hat ~ by Dr.Seuss

dr seuss poems for kids

The Cat In The Hat

#2: Greeen Eggs and Ham ~ by Dr.Seuss

dr.seuss poetry kids

Greeen Eggs and Ham 

#3: How to Grinch Stole Christmas ~ by Dr.Seuss

dr seuss poems for children

How to Grinch Stole Christmas


  1. Should the first poem, "Cat in the Hat' really be under the heading of 'dr. seuss poetry for children'. Please rethink the category for clearly adult poem.

  2. The easy and fast way to attract kids towards learning is poems we don’t ignore the importance of it

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