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Go Dog Go of Dr Seuss

go dog go - dr seuss
Coming with and showcasing dogs of different shapes, sizes, and colors, this is my number one and all time favorite early readers’ and children’s book. Big dog, little dog, blue dog, red dog – it’s easy to see why my now 2 year old son’s first word was dog. Back when my teens were still on their toddler years, we, along with my little one (who is currently 5 months old) will sit and read through most of the book. There are even times when we finish this book in one sitting especially if the whole gang is up to it.

I don’t want to be redundant BUT this is a great first reader book since the words used are very common. Along with that, it also comes with illustrations that are of great help when one is reading – one big dog going in (you would see one of our furry friends opening the door) and two little dogs going out. Among the different scenarios found in the book, what I love most is when the three dogs are holding a party at the boat during night time. Another unforgettable part is when one dog stays up at night, making sure everyone is safe, when all of the other dogs are sound asleep. Really cute!

Bottom line, every child should have Go Dog Go! by P.D. Eastman in their library. Reading should start at a very young age, and this is the book to go for. I’m giving this great first readers’ book my highest recommendation!
go dog go dr seuss - book

go dog go by dr seuss