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Scrambled Eggs Super

Dr. Seuss(March 4, 1904 - September 24, 1991) is the author of Scrambled Eggs Super! He wrote the Classic Dr. Seuss adventure book in 1953. Zany rhymes and whimsical characters are as enjoyable today as then. The child’s picture book is for kids between four and eight-years-old. However, it is a favorite with parents, teachers and other adults.

A young boy, Peter T. Hooper, recounts his Scrambled Eggs Super meal to a friend. Now, this young chef does not use ordinary hen eggs, but exotic ones. This is where the fun begins. He and friends travel the planet for eggs. There are eggs of the Kweet, Kwigger, Tizzy, Grickily Gractus, Moth-Watching Sneth and other unusual birds to collect and cook.

Dr. Seuss’ illustrations of the birds delight infants, toddlers, preschool and elementary kids. Scrambled Eggs Super works well as a bedtime or circle book. The 8" X 11 ½" picture book is easy for a group of children to view. Older kids know the base words, but need help with the “Dr. Seuss words.” Younger children love to hear the rhyming verse.

Peter T. Hooper is unlike the No-Name character in Green Eggs and Ham. He is an adventurous soul and willing to try new culinary delights. Hopefully, picky eaters will try new foods after hearing Scrambled Eggs Super! A note of warning, Peter T. Hooper fixes his scrambled egg masterpiece while his mother is away from home. Remind youngsters to use the stove and oven under adult supervision.

Children need to have a regular routine. A set bedtime and place to sleep are part of the daily routine. Read a bedtime story as part of the nightly ritual. Read quiet, soothing books to children in their warm, comfortable bed. This allows a child to associate reading with comfort and security. The association will continue a lifetime.

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