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Fox in Socks(Beginner Book)

Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks(Beginner Book) is a collection of tongue twisters. January 12, 1965 is the original date of publication. The hardcover book has sixty-two pages. The picture book is for children between four and eight-years-old.

Fox invites Mr. Knox and kids to try some easy word games. The sly Fox starts with some easy tongue twisters. As Mr. Knox and children build confidence, the word games become more difficult. In true Dr. Seuss fashion, the zany rhymes and characters go over the top. Children’s giggles increase with each silly tongue twister.

Fox in Socks(Beginner Book) introduces preschool and kindergarten children to tongue twisters. They are familiar with Dr. Seuss’ books, so they understand easily the pattern. Children love to say the word games out loud. Don’t be surprised to find kids rolling with laughter as they stumble over the words.

Add Fox in Socks(beginner Book) to the bedtime book collection. Children love saying the rhymes and giggling at the absurdness. They go to sleep with a smile and a joy for reading.

Remember young children are unfamiliar with books. We have to teach them. Teach kids every book has a front and back. Show children to turn pages one at a time and to read from the top to the bottom. Also, demonstrate the English language is read from the left to the right. Use your finger to point at the words while reading. Children will associate the sound with the printed word. We are creating future readers. Parents and caregivers rock!