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Dr.Seuss Things

The Cat in The Hat is truly a wonderful remembrance of all of our childhoods. For many of us, this book was actually one of the first stories that our parents read to us as kids. The story offered many things including humor, life lessons, and fun. Two of the most popular characters from Dr. Seuss's famous story are Thing 1 and Thing 2. These characters are truly like nothing else that has ever been made. They are wacky, fun, and totally out there in a great way. If you and your friend wish to capture that exciting spirit. If you love these characters so much that you also wish to get shirts in their honor, than this is the right place to be. There is currently a variety of different Thing 1 and Thing 2 Shirts available for you pick from which can allow you to be fun and wacky any day of the year! If you are an adult, than we have good news for you.
dr seuss things

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